Tempesta di Rosso

9 September 1988
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NAME ★ Rei
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NAME » Gokudera Hayato
•FANDOM » Kateikyou Hitman Reborn
•AGE » 15
•SPECIES » human
•GENDER » male
•SEXUALITY » undecided

Gokudera Hayato was born in Italy to a Japanese-Italian mother and an Italian father, who was the head of a mafia crime family.His mother was a pianist whom his father fell in love with at first, despite the fact that he was already married and had a child with his legitimate wife. Because carrying on an affiar is considered a grave offense in the mafia world, Gokudera was passed on as the child of his step-mother and was only allowed to see his biological mother three times a year until he was three years old. On his third birthday, however, his mother's car was driven off of a cliff and it was said to be suicide. He is still not aware that the women who would often come and play the piano with him is his biological mother.

Taking after his mother, Gokudera was a talented pianist when he was younger. Before his first major recital, his older half-sister Bianchi baked him a batch of cookies. Given that anything that Bianchi cooks she poisons, Gokudera was subsequently affected by it and played very oddly during this recital. Because the crowd praised the new style, their father had Bianchi make her brother the same cookies before every recital, resulting in Gokudera eventually giving up the piano and giving him a long lasting trauma, in that whenever he sees his older sisters face, he immediately becomes cripples with stomach pain and nausea. The only way to rectify that is if Bianchi is covering some part of her face, usually by means of goggles or glasses.

While still living with his father, Gokudera decided that he wanted to join the mafia. Unfortunately, no family would take him in, due to the perception that he was nothing more than a pianist and a spoiled brat. In order to become stronger, he became close with the assassin Trident Shamal who was working for his family at the time. Shamal, who uses disease carrying mosquitos as his weapon, denied Gokudera's request to teach him to use the insects and instead, turned him on to using dynamite as his signature weapon.

He is known in the mafia underworld as Smokin' Bomb Hayato because of his use of explosives and is considered one of the experts in the field, due to his training with Shamal.

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Rating • ....Hmmm....Varies
Death • I'd like to be contacted before he's randomly killed off...
Smut • If you ask nicely...
Yaoi - Het - Yuri • Definately! - ....I suppose.... - Genderbending aside, I don't see that it's plausible....